Sustainable production of rPET yarns

At Morssinkhof Sustainable Products we care about sustainability. We express it by producing high quality industrial yarns out of PET bottles and other polymer products. Using recycled polymers as a basic material for yarn is a form of long-term investment in a better world. Switching from virgin to recycled PET requires a shift in mind-set within todays companies. How great will it be to grow from a linear economy to a circular economy this decade?

Help your customers live a green lifestyle

Circular thinking within the industrial and retail sector is becoming more common. This is partly determined by the increasing strict regulations from the EU. Support your customers to achieve an environmentally conscious lifestyle by using yarns that are produced out of rPET. Because sustainability is a growing trend, future customers most probably will have a preference to buy rPET based products. The industrial yarns of Morssinkhof Sustainable Products are characterized by a lower environmental impact compared to present standard production of virgin PET based yarns.

Local for local

Morssinkhof Sustainable Product has a focus on local for local production where we see Europe as our home market. This applies as well to the purchase of our raw materials as the sale of our products. 

R&D support for the optimal products and the highest ROI

At Morssinkhof we have our own Pilot Spin facilities and also access to the know-how of the former AKZO and Diolen Industrial Fibers R&D. Morssinkhof Sustainable Products is working together with several researchers in the Netherlands and abroad, for example with independent R&D institutes like Senbis Polymer Innovations in Emmen. We also have joined development programs with scientific institutes including Stenden University and Drenthe College both in Emmen and the Faserinstitut in Bremen. Working together ensures us to be leading in materials science, basic and applied research, new developments and efficiency.

New raw material standards coming from the EU

Not only consumers demand sustainable resources, also policymakers in the EU initiate new ways of conscious production and a sustainable economy (ECEP). Below you can find the targets of the Circular Economy Package:

In 2025

  • 60% of the plastic packaging and the municipal waste is recycled (PPWD)
  • there will be a more restrictive separated waste collection
  • producers are going to be charged for waste disposal

In 2030

  • recycling targets for municipal waste and for packaging are increased to 70% and 80% respectively (PPWD)
  • only 5% of waste is allowed to end up in a landfill (WEEE Directive & ELV Directive

Because of these measures the supply of raw materials for the production of recycled polymer will grow further. The challenge is to use more and more rPET instead of virgin PET polymer as raw material for yarns used for your applications. 

Learn more about sustainable rPET yarns

Get used to sustainable rPET yarns for your products and be leading in future production processes. Do you want to start with a small volume of industrial rPET yarn, or would you like to request a sample? Please contact us. 

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