PET yarn

PET yarn

Ropes, nets, slings, geotextiles or belts – industrial yarn is used for the production of various products. At Morssinkhof Sustainable Products we develop high-quality PET yarn. Pet yarn is a perfect alternative for common industrial yarn as it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Discover all advantages of PET yarn for the environment and for your company.

Small adjustments in your company make major changes in the world

As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to make major changes by only making minor adjustments in your usage of raw materials. Therefore, just switch to the sustainable PET yarn of Morssinkhof Sustainable Products. For the production of the PET yarn we use recycled PET bottles, packages and containers. This way we are able to avoid the unnecessary pollution of our environment. Using PET yarn will be the first step growing from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Make your company sustainable

More and more consumers want to gain a better understanding of the origin and production process of the products they use. Furthermore, these consumers prefer environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. So, stress your corporate advocacy for a healthier environment and convince your customers by offering products made of sustainable PET yarn. This way, you do not only support the environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle of your customers, you also obtain an advantage over your competitors.

PET yarn made of your polymer waste

No matter how efficiently you use your resources in production, every process of production leaves a little bit of waste. Fortunately, you may not only buy recycled PET yarn at Morssinkhof Sustainable Products, but you may also earn money from your polymer waste. We offer a competitive compensation for all the usable plastic that you provide us. We use this plastic to produce PET yarn of high quality. This way, we both benefit from this exchange and together we work against further environmental pollution.

Our rPET yarn types

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products has several rPET yarns in production. The color and application of the different types of rPET yarn are depending on the type of PET that has been used as a raw material. Morssinkhof Sustainable Products produces two types of yarn;

Yarns with standard shrinkage:

White rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4835T
Black rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4535T
Colored rPET industrial yarnsMOPET-r Yarn 4835T

Yarn with low shrinkage:

Clear low shrinkage rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4235T

Any questions concerning our PET yarn?

Would you like to know more about our products or would you like to have an individual advice concerning your opportunities with PET yarn of Morssinkhof Sustainable Products? Then feel free to contact us!

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