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Low shrinkage rPET yarns

MSP-Emmen has developed a new type of rPET yarn: a low shrinkage rPET industrial yarn. This rPET yarn is spun out of recycled PET polymers and is perfectly suited for end-uses where dimensional stability during heat treatment is essential.


Our low shrinkage rPET yarn is a yarn with much lower shrinkage compared to standard PET yarn types and therefore particularly fitted for processing in broad fabric applications like:

  • tarpaulins,
  • billboards,
  • and textile constructions.

Much less shrinkage compared to standard PET industrial yarns

Our new yarn type has a hot air shrinkage level below 3%, far lower compared to our present standard MSP yarn types with a shrinkage of at least 5%.

Try low shrinkage rPET yarns and make an order

Low shrinkage rPET yarn is now available in colour light blue. In the near future, other colours will also be available, including clear, green and black low shrinkage rPET yarns. Do you want to try low shrinkage rPET yarns in your products or do you want to order a bobbin? Then contact MSP-Emmen.

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