Industrial yarns

Industrial yarns

Are you looking for high quality industrial yarn? Then you have come to the right place, because Morssinkhof Sustainable Products (MSP) is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial PET yarn and rPET yarn in Europe. At the same time, the aspect of sustainability is very important to us. Therefore, we have many years of experience in plastic recycling and in the production of sustainable industrial yarns, such as industrial polyester yarns. Whatever type of industrial yarn you are looking for: MSP is at your disposal!

Use of industrial yarn

Industrial yarns, such as synthetic yarns, are used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products. You will find industrial yarn in ropes, nets and lashing straps, for example, but it is also frequently used in safety belts, advertising boards, clothing and tarpaulins. Our industrial yarn is therefore ideal for the manufacture of many other products. If required, we can also produce customised industrial yarns for your company. Please contact us in this regard, we will be happy to advise you!

Are you planning on making more sustainable products with industrial fibers? Morssinkhof Sustainable Products produces industrial yarn from post consumer PET bottles, post consumer PET packaging and post industrial PET packaging. These industrial yarns are the same as any industrial yarn but much better for the environment. Perfect to fit your customers’ increasing green mindset and lifestyle. 

rPET industrial yarns for many applications

Our industrial yarns are suitable for various industrial applications. You can think of ropes, nets, slings, lashing, geotextiles and belts for example, but our industrial yarns are also used in many other applications. 

From post consumer PET products to rPET industrial yarn

Did you know that besides "standard" plastic yarns, such as industrial PET yarn, there is also rPET yarn? This is yarn made from used PET bottles and other PET packaging. The Morssinkhof Group shreds these used PET materials into flakes and then processes them into pellets. Last but not least, this granulate is spun into sustainable industrial yarn by Morssinkhof Sustainable Products.

Our rPET industrial yarns are made from post consumer PET bottles and all kinds of other post consumer and post industrial PET packaging. Our yarn manufacturing works as follows:

  1. Morssinkhof Group processes the used PET materials into flakes.
  2. These flakes are compounded in order to make granulate. 
  3. Then we spin industrial fiber from granulate into sustainable yarns.

"rPET yarn is as clean and high quality as virgin PET yarn. But more important, the world is a lot better off with rPET yarn. When companies use rPET yarns less material will end up in landfills or incineration, because a part of the PET waste is recycled into yarns."

Mark Ruesink - Production and innovation Director r-PET

Ready for the green future

With their combination of sustainability and high quality, our rPET yarns fit perfectly with the green lifestyle of modern consumers and entrepreneurs. This is exactly what distinguishes our industrial yarn from conventional plastic yarn: it is far more sustainable for the environment, as rPET yarns contribute to lower CO2 emissions compared to yarns made from virgin material. This makes them the ideal raw material for the manufacture of your products. And by the way, our rPET yarns also help you to reduce your ecological footprint.

rPET industrial yarn types

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products manufactures several industrial yarns. The color and application of the different types of rPET yarn are depending on the type of PET that has been used as raw material. Would you like to receive a sample of one of these rPET yarns? Contact us and we will send you one!

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products produces two types of yarn;

Yarns with standard shrinkage:

White rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4835T
Black rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4535T
Colored rPET industrial yarnsMOPET-r Yarn 4835T

Yarn with low shrinkage:

Clear low shrinkage rPET industrial yarnMOPET-r Yarn 4235T

More information

Would you like to know more about our rPET industrial yarns or the yarn manufacturing we do? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are glad to advise you about all our industrial yarns.

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