Colored rPET industrial yarns

Normally the color of rPET industrial yarn is depending on the original color of the polymer waste. Not anymore. From now on Morssinkhof Sustainable Products produces colored rPET High Tenacity (HT) industrial yarn in almost any tailor-made color. Would you like to try this yarn yourself? Ask us for a sample.

Colorful rPET industrial yarns developed for a special mission

Our mission is producing industrial yarns from recycled waste polymer only. At this mission we have already succeeded, but that was just the first step. Not so long ago, it was only possible to make a few colors of yarn from recycled waste PET. The yarn color was primarily based on the original color of the waste PET polymer. Based on these rough materials we can deliver high quality white and black industrial yarns in all types from our standard range.

But now our developers at the MSP Emmen pilot plant have made it possible; you can order HT rPET industrial yarn in almost any color you need. Beneath colorless and black, Morssinkhof Sustainable Products has industrial rPET yarn in 14 standard colors; see "MSP - Color Card - Industrial rPET Yarn" that can be downloaded.

What color do you have in mind; one of the standard colors or do you want us to develop together with you a new special tailor-made color industrial rPET yarn?

Make a change, make a difference

As an entrepreneur you can make a big difference by bringing only a small change in the raw materials you use for your products. Step over to rPET tailor-made colored industrial yarns and join our mission. Contact us for more information about colored rPET HT industrial yarns. Meanwhile MSP Emmen also develops rPET based BCF carpet yarns, and low linear density yarns. Download the brochure for more information.

More information about colored rPET HT industrial yarns

There is a lot of plastic waste on this planet, so why don't we put it to good use? It's our vision to make rPET yarns the most common used yarn by companies all over the world. With colored industrial rPET yarns we are again one step closer to cleaning the world from polymer waste. Help us clean and step over to rPET industrial yarns. Would you like to know more about the colored rPET HT industrial yarns made by Morssinkhof Sustainable Products? Contact us for information on properties and make-up, a sample or for placing an order. We are happy to help.

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