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At Morssinkhof Sustainable Products we believe industrial progress is important, but the wellbeing of our world is essential. We contribute by converting used plastics into recycled PET based industrial yarns (rPET). High quality and sustainability can go well together. Just use rPET based industrial yarn.

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products is part of the Morssinkhof Rymoplast Group, one of Europe’s largest producers of high grade recycled raw materials. Our company serves the European market, ranging from small companies in the plastic processing industry to the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Industrial PET and rPET yarns

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products is one of the largest and most sustainable producers of industrial PET yarns and rPET yarns in Europe. rPET industrial yarns are made from used PET bottles and many other post-consumer materials and packaging. We bring years of experience in the field of plastic recycling and the production of sustainable industrial yarns. Whatever type of industrial yarn you are looking for, MSP is the right partner for you.

"rPET yarn is as clean and of the same high quality as conventional PET yarn. It does, however, contribute to environmental protection. By recycling the PET waste into yarn, the piles of plastic waste become a little smaller".

Mark Ruesink - Production and innovation Director r-PET

Sustainable rPET BCF carpet yarns

Morssinkhof Sustainable Products is investigating the possibilities of producing 100% recycled polyester based BCF carpet yarns. For the production of our rPET BCF carpet yarn we take used PET bottles, packaging or containers. We first shred the old PET into small flakes before melting it down into granulate. We use this granulated polymer to produce our sustainable rPET BCF carpet yarns.

SSP pilot installations

In cooperation with partners specialized in R&D of polymers, Morssinkhof Sustainable Products produces and tests small volumes of polymers on SSP pilot installations. This ensures that we are always one step ahead on important topics such as the science of materials, new technologies and efficiency. 

Plastic recycling

Whenever you make products using plastic, you inevitably end up with plastic waste or plastic residue, regardless of how efficiently and economically you are producing. Although your plastic waste may no longer be usable in your own production process, it is often perfectly suitable for plastic recycling. Morssinkhof Rymoplast has been operating in the field of plastic recycling procurement for many years. We are specialized in the field of plastic recycling.

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